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Real Profits From Real Customers

Have you ever wondered how much profit can you actually make?

Wonder no more! Check our data in real time live on our website based on some of our customer sales. You can check in real-time live sales performance of lots and individual items from real customers.

Real-time sale performance statistics from real customers.

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Negotiable Prices

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." John F. Kennedy

Have you ever had the desire to buy something for less than the announced price? Have you ever increased your profits and minimized your costs thanks to your great negotiation skills? Have you ever looked for an innovative platform that gives you countless benefits along with the unique opportunity to negotiate prices. Look no further, you've come to the right place.

888 Lots gives your business a boost and profound insights through the use of a number of smart tools among which is the Negotiator Tool. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate the price of both standard and premium Lots (including branded Lots).

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Restriction Checking

Stay tuned with the America's largest online retailer product restrictions

"Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Products offered for sale on must comply with all laws and regulations and with Amazon's policies. The sale of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products listed on these pages, including products available only by prescription, is strictly prohibited." - Amazon

888 Lots is proud to be the only platform that provides its customers with the opportunity to check if a product falls within the America's largest online retailer restricted list before even purchasing it.

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A Huge Selection of
Brand New Merchandise

We find it, we group it and we sell it to you at amazing prices!

Aren't you tired of building relationships with different suppliers ? Aren't you tired of endless calls, emails and offers. Would it be better if you spend less time sourcing and more selling?

We wouldn't be surprised if the answer to all of the above questions is a Yes. And this is why we've build the most innovative platform with over 100,000 items in more than 30 different categories.

If you are selling online and you are always on the lookout for more goods to put for sale then we at 888 Lots can help you grow your reseller business.

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FB8 Calculator

Make smarter buying decisions

Another business tool that 888 Lots offers to customers is the FB8 Profit Calculator. It's an innovative tool that calculates and compares estimated net profits for orders fulfilled by either yourself or America's largest online retailer.

And that's not all. 888 Lots gives you a complete breakdown of the whole profit - you are informed of what each individual item would bring you in terms of profit even before purchasing it. We are also proudly giving you the chance to double check the FB8 calculator data using ScanPower because transparency is what drives us as a company.

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Rich Data

There are no other platform that can empower you more than 888 Lots can

Transparency is one of 888 Lots favourite terms and for that we give you tabs like Net profit, MSRP value, America's largest online retailer price history and estimated selling price on each item.

And that's not all, 888 Lots gives you monthly sales estimate using Jungle Scout and Lot evaluations using ScanPower. You can also take an advantage of our FBA program and get up to 50,000 and 180 days from Behalf financing. That's what we call a Rich data . Exclusively developed to cater to your business needs, all in one place.

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FBA Program

We do our best to serve your needs and we listen to your opinion

FBA is a well known acronym among e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world. The beauty of this program is that it allows anyone with a computer to manage and run an online business without the need for any overhead expense such as warehouse space, bills, employees, insurance, etc.

888 Lots is proud to be one of the best if not the best platform out there that closes the difficult and complicated journey that international customers run into while establishing their FBA business.

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We provide a custom made features to help you make a smarter buying decisions!

Credit Lines Available

Our customers can benefit from a line of credit with best-in-class payment terms.

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Have any questions? Make sure to check our FAQ page.

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