Behalf Credit – finance your business growth

Behalf Credit – finance your business growth

On October 27, 2015, we announced our official partnership with the credit-offering company Behalf Credit. This has made starting your own ecommerce business even easier.

What is Behalf Credit?

Behalf offers a service that is especially useful for small and medium-sized American businesses. It is also really effective for ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to kick-start their business selling on Amazon, eBay or anywhere else. This is why such a partnership is a perfect match.

The way Behalf financing works can be described in three simple steps:

  1. SMB or ecommerce owner takes a credit with Behalf. Behalf pays the vendor, which in this case is us – 888 Lots. Behalf can pay us for any purchase, up to $50,000. Imagine how many lots that is!
  2. We send you the inventory so you can start selling it.
  3. You repay Behalf in accordance with their flexible and affordable rates. You set your own schedule – weekly, monthly or a one-time payment. You set your repayment period – between 30 and 180 days. You can also repay early which has many benefits and no extra costs. The rates are between $10-$30 per $1,000 per month. These are very flexible rules considering how fast you can turn a lot into profit.

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How do you get started?

The process of receiving a credit for your ecommerce business has never been easier. You can apply quickly and conveniently right on our website.

Just look for the Behalf widget on our financing page (you need to be logged in). Enter your information and the simple 2-click process will show you how much money Behalf can extend you. They work really fast, you can get qualified in less than 60 seconds!

Then, use that money to pay for anything we offer – lots, individual items, etc. – when you place your order. Start selling the inventory and making a profit!

Why Behalf?

Behalf only charge you fees on the purchases you make. So, while they might give you access to up to $50,000 in credit, you will only be charged for what you use – no funds are misspent.

They have no requirements for time in business or annual revenue – it’s very easy to get accepted. Even if you are just starting with your Amazon/eBay store you can use their services! As you repay Behalf, they take that into account and often increase your credit line to give you more purchasing power.

Behalf work in such innovative and groundbreaking ways that they became competition for MasterCard very quickly. Now they are partners with the multinational financial services corporation.

Behalf is backed by Sequoia, Spark Capital, Maverick Ventures, MissionOG and Victory Park Capital.

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