Create Your Own Custom Lot – Now Available Only At 888 Lots

Create Your Own Custom Lot – Now Available Only At 888 Lots

We are very happy to announce that our latest feature Make a LOT is now available and live on our platform. When we first launched our platform our main goal was to be the most innovative liquidation platform. After one year of development, we can now say that 888 Lots is truly the most innovative and intuitive liquidation platform on the market.

Make a LOT Feature

Our latest feature called Make a LOT gives you the opportunity to create your own custom lot with products that you personally picked online on our platform.

This feature is truly a game changer. There is no other wholesale or liquidation company on the market that will give you the opportunity to choose your own products and create your own lot with them.

Liquidation companies like 888 Lots sort the wholesale merchandise into different categories based on the product that they have available and group them into lots.

Every lot is different and contains products with different prices, brands, categories, sales rank, review rank, MSRP discount and etc.

But we wanted to go a step further and customize your buying experience in a way no one did before.

How Make a LOT Works?

After you head over to our Individual items catalog, you will find a new tab called Make a Lot.


Every product eligible for the new Make a LOT feature will have a button “Make a LOT” on it. You can also use the new filter on the page which will show you only the eligible items for the Make a LOT feature, then you can also use the other filters to sort the products by any way you like.


When you choose the product that you want to add to your custom lot simply press the button Make a LOT. After you successfully add the product to your custom lot, a message will pop up notifying you that you need to add at least 7 more items.

This is the only requirement for our Make a LOT feature, you need to add a minimum of 8 products, so you will have the opportunity to put an offer and negotiate the price of your custom lot with your sales representative.


When you are done with the selection of the products, you can see a summary for your custom LOT with the selected products and the full price of the LOT. After you enter the price for your offer, your sales representative will receive it and it will be either accepted or you will receive a counter offer.


Below you can also watch a video guide of our new feature and how you can use it.

The new feature Make a LOT will be available for our Newbie and Master plan subscriptions in addition, the new feature will be also eligible for our FBA program.

If you want to see all of the great benefits of our subscription plans you can head over to your profile page –

To try out our new feature simply head over to our website – 888Lots.

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