General wholesale vs. liquidation wholesale. Which One Is Better For Your Business?

General wholesale vs. liquidation wholesale. Which One Is Better For Your Business?

General Wholesale vs Liquidation Wholesale

Wholesale distribution – an old business model, perhaps one of the oldest in history.

From early days, skilled sales professionals, coming from faraway lands, either by ship or caravan…
…wanting to sell their goods to a market, where people tend to spend their money.

Nowadays?It doesn’t really matter if you are someone that’s concerned about being downsized or if you are dying of boredom with the job you have right now.

Buying and selling wholesale lots might be the perfect business option for you.

But before that, you need to know which wholesale stock is the most suitable option for you!

Read on to learn more.

1. What is General Wholesale?

As we continue to dive more in-depth, it’s worth knowing that each wholesale company has unique goals and markets.

So, if you want to learn more about them, it’s best to contact a wholesaler directly.

Anyway, what does general wholesale mean?

To put it in a simple manner: it’s just buying different kinds of wholesale lots. Like: hardware, cloth, furniture, medicine and so on.

You buy an immense amount of quantities, and as you can see, there is a significant diversity of wholesale products.

Meaning: they are not specialized in a specific category.

These products are usually costly.

But why?

Because the products come directly from the supplier, meaning they are brand new, and a supplier won’t sell two or three quantities…
…they sell in bulk!

A prime example of a general wholesaler is Eurotronics.

2. What is Liquidation Wholesale?

A lot can be said about liquidation wholesale lots.

But here is the truth that not a lot of brands dare to share:

Liquidation wholesale is unique, or let’s say a specific type of wholesale products.

You buy liquidated stock, which has a price that is usually really low.

Where does wholesale liquidation lots come from?

Customer returns, overstock, or closeouts. (‘Closeout’ refers to stock that comes from a business that is closing down).

And the best part?

Usually, or let’s say most often, they do not come as a re-stock.

This is what makes them unique, and why you should think twice before leaving a wholesale liquidation lot.

Who knows, it might be the opportunity of your life?

3. General and Liquidation wholesale – who buys it, who is it best for?

One thing about general wholesalers is sure – they buy brand new stock directly from the suppliers in large quantities.

A good example is the Miami Merchandise Mart.

It’s a huge shopping center that includes various products starting from home goods, accessories, jewelry, clothes, and so on.

Some other brands are focused on home appliances.

The Decathlon Group is focused on brand new fitness gear, for example.

As you can see, these general wholesalers are enormous traders that have a big budget and can buy in extensive quantities.

Interesting fact: As you about to read for liquidation wholesale, it’s good to know that:

What about liquidation wholesale? Who buys that stock?

As said earlier, a wholesale liquidation lot is cheaper because it’s a different kind of stock. For example, with one liquidated pallet, you can buy more than you can imagine.

And it’s always worth the price. Buy more, to sell more.

So, these goods are always best for smaller merchants, like – eBay & Amazon sellers.

In the meantime, you can check 888lots goods, or contact us directly if you have more questions. The right place surplus inventory, wholesale merchandise and simple lots.

4. Pros & Cons when you buy them

General wholesale

Pros: When you buy those goods, one thing is sure – you know what you buy, and it’s always tagged as ‘new.’


But is it cheap?

Of course not. As it’s brand new, bought directly from the supplier, and then sold to you, it means that:

  • it costs more or the price that the supplier gave to you as the middlemen.

If you don’t have the budget (which always means – you need a big budget), you are going to regret it in the future… unless you can contact the supplier and negotiate the prices. Which can be hard.

Liquidation wholesale

Liquidation wholesale

Pros: As mentioned already, those goods are usually cheaper.

You can buy in large or small quantities, and you can always check what’s your budget and decide what to buy or not buy.

Some liquidation wholesalers have the option to negotiate the prices on the products they sell.

It’s guaranteed for you to make a profit from liquidation wholesale lots.


  • Good market research
  • Know what’s trending
  • Get an item that you can re-order to keep it going

Cons: A tiny percentage of cases might have goods such as:

– lousy or poor packaging

And as we mentioned earlier, some of the sales are final, so make sure to check if you can re-order what you bought.

Final thoughts

Want to know more about liquidation wholesale, do you want to give it a go?

Make sure to visit us at Take a look at our goods, and if you have any questions, you can always call us.

There is a possibility to buy liquidated stock from abroad as well, so you can visit –

Which is your preferred way of buying wholesale lots? Share this article with other people that might be interested in this new business opportunity.

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