How Much Can You Make?

How Much Can You Make?

How Much Can You Make?

At the end of the day, this is maybe the most important question for any online seller.


The number, of course, it is important but the reward itself for your effort and work that you put behind your so
called side-hustle or perhaps even your full-time job is important as much as the profit at the end of the month.

Having a smile on your face by looking at the positive numbers in your account is something that we as a company aim for, we grow only if our customers grow.

We at 888 Lots realize this and in order to provide an absolutely outstanding service we also do realize how important
is to be as transparent as possible with our customers.

That is why we constantly keep pushing to provide new innovative features for you so you can be more profitable sellers.

Today we’ve made a huge step in that direction. We want to introduce to you our latest addition to our features.

The Real-Time Sales Performance Statistics

You can now view real time data for sales performance for real lots, real products,
real numbers. Live data coming directly from our amazing customers.

If you ever have wondered OK, how much I can make with this? Well, you need to wonder no more, you just simply need to visit 888 lots.
You can view a detailed sales performance sales statistics for lots, drilled down by item level. You can view the most important statistics for any seller – Total Order Quantity(Lot Items), Total Lot Price (Paid for the lot), Quantity Sold, Revenue(Before Fees), Revenue(After fees), NET Profit so far(For Sold Items) and ROI.

We are here to remove the guesswork from the equation.
You can now view real-time sales statistics, real profits in real time, you can check your lots for restrictions before you even buy them and you can take the advantage of the numerous innovative features on our platform.

We will let the numbers speak for themselves.



To view all of the information simply head over to our page – Real-Time Sales Statistics Performance. In addition you can also check our short video below.

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