How to source inventory with 888 Lots

How to source inventory with 888 Lots

Recent findings show that third-party merchants sell over 80% of all items on Amazon. The increased number of sellers also means an increased demand for quality providers (wholesalers) and tools to help them grow. We at 888 Lots work to provide Amazon merchants with excellent inventory
and offer some of the best tools on the market. This blogpost explains how to source inventory with us.


What exactly do we do?

We receive unsorted liquidation and surplus inventory. We carefully categorize it, sort it and group it in lots by various characteristics. A lot consists of one or more boxes which can have a number of items in them. The quantity of boxes and items varies from lot to lot and category to category. Then, the lots are listed for sale on our state-of-the-art platform. New lots are added every day, we keep our inventory fresh as more and more lots are sold every day.

We pride ourselves as wholesale and liquidation sales experts.

Liquidation Lots

The standard lots we have are grouped by the categories they are sold on Amazon, for convenience. Currently, we offer lots in 33 categories – from Automotive through Electronics to Kitchen, and many more. You can sort the results by different parameters – Price, Date Added, etc. Buying a lot is as easy as clicking a button – just like any other e-shopping website.

Each lot comes with plenty of information about it. To start with, you can view the the full lot contents (Manifest) for every lot. This is where each item is listed together with a screenshot and further details, such as unit quantity and more.


A number of other statistics about each item are available to help you decide whether to go ahead and buy the lot or not.

Things like ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), Amazon Best seller rank, Customer rating and Amazon price (updated daily) reveal insights that can be of valuable help when deciding whether to sell this item on Amazon. We also give you MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). The vast majority of the items are in a brand new, shelf-ready condition. For added convenience you can export all this data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Branded lots

Another way we categorize items is by brand. These lots can contain different items from the same brand. The number of branded lots available at a given time varies but very often we have lots from big names like Adidas or HP. The same detailed information is provided for the branded lots as well.

Lot of the day

This is a specially-selected lot that sells for a very low price and has a very high MSRP value. Additionally, it has a flat shipping rate of $8.88. As the name suggests these are available once a day at 12:00 EST. We advise you to be quick if you are going after the Lot of the day (and you should!) because these are usually sold literally in seconds. Fortunately, you can subscribe for notifications that are sent out 30 minutes before the new Lot of the day is available.

Mystery Lot

Sometimes our Lot of the day is a Mystery lot. This means that its items come without ASIN numbers and bar codes. Everything about it is a mystery, even we don’t know the items that are in it! You can expect to buy these lots on very low prices – sometimes even under $100! Considering the overall value of the items in it, this is a real bargain.

Premium lots

These lots are deliberately selected to include items of higher value. We understand the effects of shipping costs and marketplace fees for low-cost items. Therefore, most of the items below $15 are removed from these lots. With these you are guaranteed to make a profit selling them on Amazon after all Amazon fees are deducted.

Individual items

Lastly, we also sell individual items – for those who are not ready to jump on buying an entire lot straight away. Individual items are exactly what they sound like and there is no minimum order – as long as you buy the full quantity. For example, if while browsing our inventory you have decided on an iPhone Car Mount, you would need to buy all 8 Mounts currently available. All individual items have high margins.

Subscription plans

Currently, we offer 3 subscription plans you can choose from. The first plan (Starter) is free of charge, as is registration on our website. Every next upgrade (to Lots Newbie and Lots Master) gives you access to new features for a monthly price.


Tools for Amazon sellers

Our platform is constantly being developed and upgraded. Apart from the Manifest tool, which we already mentioned, there are a number of other tools to help you become a better reseller.

Amazon Profit Calculator
Another amazing tool we have is the Amazon Profit Calculator (FB8 Profit calculator). This calculates and compares your estimated net profit if you fulfill the order yourself or if you let Amazon fulfill it. This tool computes your net profit for the whole lot as well as it gives you a breakdown item by item.

Amazon Inventory File Loader

This helpful tool lets you download the lot’s contents in an Amazon bulk file. Amazon sellers will know that you can upload this file in your Amazon Seller Central and it will automatically populate your inventory with your newly-purchased lot. This way you can load up your inventory in less than half a minute!

The Negotiator
This last tool gives you a lot more flexibility and interactivity with us. It is called The Negotiator and as the name suggests you can use it to negotiate the price on every standard lot (including Premium Lots). It allows you to enter the price you are willing to pay, and calculates a new net profit based on what you enter. Then, you can submit your offer to us for evaluation. Of course, unreasonable offers will not be taken into consideration by our salesmen.

Email notifications by category
Another very helpful one (more of a feature than a tool) for those who are always on their toes looking to quickly snatch the latest deal. You can subscribe to receive an email when a new lot has been added to the categories you are interested in.



We accept all major credit cards. We have chosen to work with industry leader like PayPal and Amazon Checkout to handle credit card processing. Your credit card information is not stored anywhere on our website.

Behalf Credit

We recently partnered with Behalf Credit which means you can now apply for a credit directly from our website. This opportunity is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. You can get up to $50,000 with a repayment period of up to 180 days. The process is easy and straightforward – they call it the 2-Click Financing, all you need to do is fill the short form on our website and you’re on your way.

888 Lots Warehouse

Our warehouse is located on 1416 East Linden Avenue, Linden, New Jersey, 07036 USA.

We are open 10:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday. In order to better serve the holiday rush we will also be open Sundays (November 22 – 20 December) between the hours of 11am and 4pm.

You are welcome to come and visit the warehouse and even inspect lots before you buy them. All you have to do is make an appointment by calling 1-844-888-LOTS (56870) or 908 583 9300 ext. (228) or send an email to

Become a customer

As mentioned previously, registration is a free and easy process. All you have to do is fill out the form at 888 Lots – Become a Member.

Note: In order to open an account with us you need to have a valid resale certificate.

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