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Introducing The New Redesigned Bulk Upload Feature

As you probably already know 888 Lots is the most innovative liquidation platform on the market. Thanks to our great features you can spend less time in daunting tasks like uploading products to your account ASIN by ASIN …

To help you manage your time more effectively we have introduced in the past our Bulk upload features which can help you with the listing of your products. Now our team completely redesigned that feature to make it even better!


The New Bulk Upload System

bulk upload


With the brand new system behind our Bulk upload feature, we are no longer going to charge $28 for that feature. Now you can purchase credit packs to use our Bulk Upload feature.

The new credit system is very simple each credit represents one ASIN number. To list your products you just have to purchase a number of credits you think it will be enough for your order. One credit will cost $0.10 cents and it will get cheaper if you choose to purchase a bigger pack of credits!

The process is also very simple you are going to find a button on your completed order page that will give you the option to use that feature.

bulk upload

OK, so just what is the big deal with the Bulk Upload feature?


Once you link your 888 Lots account with your Az Sellers account not only that you can list automatically all of the ASIN numbers directly to your Az account, but you will also have the ability to:

  • Reprice the products directly from your 888 lots account
  • Choose the quantity that you want to list
  • Choose the percentage profit that you want on all products
  • Upload the products directly with the buy box price

bulk upload


If for some reason you cannot add an item with the current buy box price or there is another issue with that product you will get notified right away so you can decide which product to list,  which not or if you need to reprice it.

bulk upload


Upon successful upload of the products, you will be able to see the full list of your products.
bulk upload


Sounds cool? It really is! The new feature will not only save you time, it is cheaper and the best of all it is automatic.

bulk upload


To try out the new feature you will going to find 88 free credits in your account!

No more daunting tasks, you can now focus on more important aspects of your business.

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