Introducing Premium Gold Lots

Introducing Premium Gold Lots


We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to our LOT types.

As you know we have Premium LOTS in which you will find items with higher per-item values. Now in addition to our premium LOTS you can find and our specially selected premium gold LOTS.

What are Premium Gold LOTS?

premium gold lot

premium gold lots

This is a new type of a way to look for and search the best LOTS on our website. The premium gold LOTS will show you how many items are under $15 and they will be displayed as premium gold LOTS only if they meet our golden standard.

The premium gold LOTS will always contain 10 or fewer items under $15 and they will have more than 20 items in their manifest.

Those LOTS will not always be available, we will be adding them based on our processing schedule.

To view all of our available premium gold LOTS head over to our website. –

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