Amazon Cuts Shipping Fees

Amazon Lower FBA Fees For Small Items

Recently Amazon announced that they will cut off the shipping fees for small envelope packages. The new changes will take effect on July 1. According to Bloomberg, this is a serious indicator that the giant will aim at the Asian market. Merchants...


Introducing Premium Gold Lots

We are happy to announce that we have a new addition to our LOT types. As you know we have Premium LOTS in which you will find items with higher per-item values. Now in addition to our premium LOTS you can find and our specially selected premium...

prep & ship

Officially Approved Prep & Ship Companies

What is a prep & ship company? After you purchase merchandise from our company then the goods are shipped to Prep & Ship company distribution center. They will inspect, label, pack and ship the goods to FBA fulfillment center afterward. If...

888 Lots and the FBA Shipping Options

888 Lots and the FBA Shipping Options

Based on the customer feedback our team has reworked completely our FBA shipping option in a more convenient and easier way for all of our customers. Our FBA program is available for all of Individual Items over $10 to find more about the process...

How to Master Amazon FBA Sales Tax Like a Boss

How to Master Amazon FBA Sales Tax Like a Boss

This week in our Expert Advice section we have some great insights about how to master your Amazon FBA sales tax. The following is a guest post by Mark Faggiano, founder and CEO of TaxJar: Nobody ever started a business thinking, “Yes! I can’t wait...

setting up a business on eBay

How To Set Up a Business On eBay

We invited Neil Waterhouse to share his expertise with our audience about how to set up a business on eBay.  The following is a guest post by Neil Waterhouse: Setting up a business on eBay is no different to setting up many other...

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