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Introducing The New Redesigned Bulk Upload Feature

As you probably already know 888 Lots is the most innovative liquidation platform on the market. Thanks to our great features you can spend less time in daunting tasks like uploading products to your account ASIN by ASIN … To help you manage your time more effectively we have introduced

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888 Lots Az History Price Tracker

We are happy to announce that our team launched our own in-built Az history price tracker. With our latest feature, you will have the ability to track the price history for any of our products.   The new price tracking feature will be available for both our Individual items and our

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How to source inventory with 888 Lots

Recent findings show that third-party merchants sell over 80% of all items on Amazon. The increased number of sellers also means an increased demand for quality providers (wholesalers) and tools to help them grow. We at 888 Lots work to provide Amazon merchants with excellent inventory and offer some of

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