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Rank on page 1

How To Rank on Page 1 and Stay There | Amazon FBA

So, you sell on Amazon. Maybe you’re launching a product. Or, you have one and know it could do better. “If only I could get to page 1 I’d make sales and my problems would be solved!” But is that true? Can simple keyword ranking solve your problems...

Amazon Cuts Shipping Fees

Amazon Lower FBA Fees For Small Items

Recently Amazon announced that they will cut off the shipping fees for small envelope packages. The new changes will take effect on July 1. According to Bloomberg, this is a serious indicator that the giant will aim at the Asian market. Merchants...

Expert Advice

Amazon invoices and how to avoid suspension

In our Expert Advice Series, we will feature experts – some of them are sellers, others are well-known entrepreneurs, people who did the hard work and learned the rules of the game. All of them are willing to share their expert advice with...

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