How to be a reseller: Heather Hooks is Hooked on Pickin’

How to be a reseller: Heather Hooks is Hooked on Pickin’

Hello Heather, please tell us about yourself

Hi, I am Heather Hooks A Wife and Mom of 3 busy kids. I am also a veteran, I served in the Army reserves as a lightweight vehicle mechanic. I have always wanted to work for myself so that I can be available for my kids and for ministry since my husband is a pastor. I love serving other people.

When in the army

What do you do for a living?

 I am a YouTube influencer and an online reseller.

How you started your YouTube Channel Hooked on Pickin’? Where you get the idea?

I started my YouTube channel because my husband convinced me to do it. The idea came from all of the unboxings of the mystery mini-figures that the kids were doing about 5 years ago. We thought about it and realized that pallets and cases of liquidation were very much like mystery boxes for adults.

How you source products for your Amazon sellers account?

I buy liquidation and also from wholesalers. I get the items shipped to my location where I unbox them and inspect each item for my customers.

How do you find working with 888Lots?

I love 888Lots they are my new favorite supplier. They communicate well with me and their condition is spot on. I have come to expect excellent items at an amazing price.

Please tell us what do you think about us?

I think 888Lots is very organized and the best part is the negotiating tool. Not everyone has loads of cash to buy items. I also love the variety of loads. Sometimes I need small loads and sometimes I need larger ones and they provide all of those options. They are fantastic to work with.

Making 888Lots Unboxing Video With The Kids

What is your most preferred type of inventory for reselling?

My preferred type of inventory is always toys but they are hard to find but at 888Lots I am able to acquire some loads with toys in them. I also love home décor and they have very high-quality items to choose from.

Where you sell your inventory? If I am a customer where I can buy the inventory you are showing in your videos?

I sell most of my inventory on my own website Hooked on Pickin but I also sell on Poshmark and Amazon.

As an experienced reseller, can you give some bits of advice to the people that are just starting?

Where to start selling?

I recommend selling on Amazon if you can, but if that intimidates you you can start small like a garage sale or flea market and then grow to online platforms with lower fees such as Poshmark or Mercari or Facebook marketplace. Then you can move to eBay and Amazon. What kind of inventory are best to start with

What kind of inventory are best to start with?

Any item that does not break in shipping is the best option and I love to sell toys but sometimes they are hard to find so I would suggest clothing and home décor.

What is budged we should have?

I started with $300.00 and simply just kept reinvesting the money until I could start paying myself a salary.

What mistakes we can make and how we can avoid them within our first couple of months as sellers?

The mistakes to avoid are to make sure to describe your items clearly especially if they are damaged in any way. Make sure you take great pictures and include all measurements and details needed. the customer does not want to have to take the time to ask you a question and wait for an answer to buy the product so having all the details available in the description is always the best.  Make sure you ship your items quickly. if they items arrives fast and in good condition it is a great ways to keep customers coming back to your store.

Hookedn On Pickin’ Warehouse

Heather Hooks started buying liquidation boxes from 888Lots 6 months ago. We are happy that we have the opportunity to work with such a great customer as Heather, and we are also thankful for all the YouTube Unboxing Videos that she did for our pallets of merchandise

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