Get real time information about your restrictions based on your America's largest online retailer seller profile.

There are a number of restrictions when it comes to selling on America's largest online retailer. There are products that are brand or category restricted and others that are restricted by ASIN number or gated.

How it works?

Choose a Lot from our inventory list.

Select Check for restrictions.

If you haven't connected your America's largest online retailer account with 888 Lots yet, the system will prompt you to do so.

Enter your America's largest online retailer details such as your Seller ID, Marketplace ID, Developer Account Identifier, AWS Access Key ID and your Secret Key.

If you experience any difficulties in finding the above information in your America's largest online retailer account please click on our Help & Instructions tab.

Follow the guidance to obtain the needed keys.

Once that's done you can go back to Check for restrictions tab.

Click on Check for Restrictions Now.

Our system will check each item for any possible restrictions and you will receive an email with the results within an hour from your request. We can honestly say that Restriction checking is a powerful tool that gives you a peace of mind and eliminates the risk of buying an item that you won't be allowed to sell on America's largest online retailer. A tool that only 888 Lots can give you , exclusively developed by 888 Lots to empower your business.

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