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888 Lots

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We've been distributors of electronic goods for the past 15 years. In February 2015, we expanded by launching a liquidation B2B platform called 888 Lots. Thanks to our customers and their valuable feedback over the past few years we've made a number of changes to our platform to best suit their needs.

Today 888 Lots is the most innovative online platform offering liquidation merchandise where buyers from any size from small business owners to big retailers can find the right business tools, exceptional customer service and the best products on the market to further grow their business.

Thanks to your feedback, our experience and the team behind 888 Lots we can proudly say that through our combined efforts today we are the most innovative and fast developing liquidation and surplus inventory platform that works in your favor. With Internet sales breaking new records, our journey is not over. We will continue to develop our platform.

Whether you are a large customer or you are just starting out, we value each and every one of you - feel free to start small. We believe that this is a journey that we can go on together.

If you are looking for transparency in profits, if you are looking for one stop shop for all your business needs, if you are looking for the best and most sought after inventory platform then you've come to the right place.

We find it, we group it and we sell it to you at amazing prices.

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