Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Find some of the most common questions about 888 Lots here.

  • Do I need to create an account on 888 Lots?

    Yes, in order to view all of our offers and features you need to be a registered member of 888 Lots.

  • How can I buy from 888 Lots?

    In order to purchase from 888 Lots, you need to have an active 888 Lots customer account. To become our customer, you need to have resale certificate and you need to fill our customer application form.

    Why I need to do this?

    888 Lots follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, by which we verify the identity of our customers. This process helps us guarantee not only the safety of 888 Lots but and the safety of our customers.

  • Do you require a resale certificate?

    Yes, in order to work with us you need to have a valid resale certificate unless you live outside U.S. If you are an international customer you will have to provide a valid business registration from your country instead. At this time we do not accept international customers. You can find more information about the certificate and how to get one, from our detailed blog post. What is a resale certificate and how to get one?

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

  • Is there a credit card limit on purchases?

    Yes, the credit card limit is $25,000 for 30 days.

  • What if I want to place an order exceeding the maximum day amount?

    There is no maximum amount per day.

  • Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a transaction?

    No, we can only accept one method of payment per order/transaction. However, you can create separate shopping carts on the site and checkout using more than one method.

  • When is my payment due?

    Payment is due at the time of checkout.

  • Is there a penalty if I don't make my payment on time?


  • Is your payment processing secure?

    Yes. We use SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe during the entire process of doing business with us.

  • What is the inventory condition?

    Brand New Tier 1 with a minimum of 90% giftable condition unless otherwise stated in the manifest.

  • Are your pallets manifested?

    Yes, our pallets come with fully detailed manifests containing helpful information like product images, product descriptions, condition, sales rank, review rank, pricing, discounts and more. It gets updated daily from a live data feed we have with America's largest online retailer.

  • Do you sell individual items?

    Yes, we do. The MOQ will vary based on the particular SKU, some products will have an adjustable quantity, for others the MOQ will be a fixed number.

  • What's the condition of refurbished items?

    Refurbished items have been professionally tested for functionality and are in great working and cosmetic condition ( unless otherwise stated).

  • Where does your inventory come from?

    Our merchandise comes directly from America's largest online retailer's.

  • What types of products does 888 Lots offer?

    888 Lots offers a broad range of products grouped in more than 30 categories and types of Lots.

  • What do you mean by Brand New?

    Brand new is an item with a box that has never been opened or used.

  • What do you mean by Like New?

    Like new is an item that comes with or without a box that might have been opened or used but one that is in perfect retail condition.

  • What do you mean by Box Damaged?

    Box damaged is an item in perfect retail condition that comes with a damaged retail packaging.

  • What do you mean by Used?

    Used is an item that is in a good working condition and comes with or without a box.

  • Do you have other type of conditions?

    All of our current item conditions are described explicitly on the website.

  • Do you work with international customers?

    At this time we do not accept international customers. Please visit our international sites at or for more info.

  • Are prices negotiable?

    Yes, the price on every lot and branded lot can be negotiated.

  • Can I negotiate the price of a Lot or only the price of individual items?

    You can negotiate the price of our lots, individual items price is non-negotiable unless you group them in a custom lot.

  • Do I have to pay sales tax or any other taxes on my purchases?

    No. Since we require an active resale certificate to open the account, we do not charge or collect sales tax.

  • What type of lots do you have available?

    Currently we have standard lots, branded lots, eBay/flea market lots, fixed priced lots, gold lots and custom lots.

  • What are Fixed price lots?

    Fixed price lots are highly discounted lots the prices of which are not open for negotiations.

  • What are Branded lots?

    Branded lots are lots that contain different items from the same brand.

  • What is Lot of the Day?

    This is a specially selected lot that sells for a very low price and has a very high MSRP value. Additionally, it has a flat shipping rate of $8.88. It is available once a day at 12:00 EST.

  • Can I make my own custom Lot?

    Yes, you can select the items you like the most and consolidate them into your own custom lot.

  • Who is responsible for shipping and/or shipping costs?

    Customer is responsible for shipping cost, but we handle the shipment from our warehouse to your door. For Lots, We offer a flat $12.00 per box shipping rate. For Individual items and all other shipments, shipping is calculated based on weight and size of the shipment.

  • How do I get a shipping estimate?

    When you place any item on to the shopping cart the shipping will be calculated for you.

  • May I arrange my own shipping?

    Yes, you may arrange your own shipping.

  • Can I consolidate my shipment?

    If the orders are placed within the same day then we can. We always try to find the most economical shipping methods.

  • How long will it take for me to receive the items?

    We process and ship most orders within 24 hrs. Some orders may take longer to prepare based on the size and the quantity of the order.

  • How do I check the status of my shipment?

    You can check the status of your shipment in our Orders section.

  • How can I be notified of specific items or product categories for sale?

    You can be notified by subscribing to our email notifications. Once subscribed, you will get an instant notification when a new Lot or product becomes available.

  • How do I add items to my watchlist?

    Look for Watch this Lot and set the slider underneath it on On.

  • When and how often is the Lot of the Day listed?

    The Lot of the day is available once a day at 12:00 EST. You can subscribe to get an email notification 30 minutes before its release.

  • How many emails per day will I receive if I sign up for notifications?

    It depends on how many lots or individual items you have signed up to be notified for.

  • What value-added services does 888 Lots offer?

    888 Lots offer a number of value-added services such as ScanPower, FB8 Calculator, Restriction checking, The Negotiator among many others.

  • What is Detailed manifest?

    Each Lot on our system comes with a detailed information about the items it contains. Outlined are the quantity, condition, ASIN, America's largest online retailer Best Seller Rank, Customer rating and America's largest online retailer price as well as the MSPR and estimated profit of each individual item.

  • What is ScanPower?

    ScanPower is a unique tool that gives the most complete live pricing data, bringing online sellers more profit in less time. Thanks to our partnership you can request a lot evaluation provided by Scan Power.

  • What is FB8 Calculator?

    It gives you a complete breakdown of the whole profit. It's an innovative tool that calculates and compares estimated net profits for orders fulfilled by either yourself or Az.

  • What is Watch alerts?

    With a simple click of the mouse you can easily turn on email notifications to keep you up to date with any new information on our website be it a price drop or a new Lot.

  • What is Price History Tracker?

    A tool that gives you the key to success. Our unique and innovative platform offers you a detailed information about how the price of a particular item has changed over time. Pick a month and there you have it. Exclusively developed by our team for better buying decisions.

  • What is Restriction checking?

    888 Lots is proud to be the only platform that provides its customers with the opportunity to check if a product falls within the America's largest online retailer restricted list before even purchasing it.

  • What is the Negotiator?

    888 Lots gives your business a boost and profound insights through the use of a number of smart tools among which is the Negotiator Tool. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate the price of both standard and premium Lots (including branded Lots).

  • What is your return policy?

    All sales are final. We do not accept returns and we cannot cancel orders once paid and submitted. Please refer to Return Policy for more information.

  • Do you provide invoices?

    We provide invoices for all shipped items. Invoices can be accessed under your orders page. Invoices are a receipt for your purchase and not intended to be anything more than that.

  • How can I file a dispute?

    In order to get our RMA form and file a dispute, please get in touch with your sales representative.

  • How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

    Refunds for all returned items will be processed within 30 days of us receiving the return.

  • What should I do if I run into an issue?

    You can contact us at anytime and for any issues you might run into. You can head over to our Contact Page.

  • Is my information safe?

    Yes, all submitted data is confidential and safe with us. We use SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe during the entire process of doing business with us.