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Do I need to create an account on 888 Lots?:

Yes, in order to view all of our offers and features you need to be a registered member of 888 Lots.
With our free basic membership account you can view all of our offers and features on our platform.
If you want to become our customer and start doing business with us, you need to download, fill out and submit our customer application form.

Do you require a resale certificate?

Yes, in order to work with us you need to have a valid resale certificate. More information about the certificate and how to get one you can find here.

How do I become a customer?

In order to become a customer you need to head over to our Become a Customer page and follow the steps -

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Behalf payments.

Can bought inventory be returned/refunded?

Only under certain conditions can a refund be issued for a lot or some items of a lot. Contact your salesman for more information.

What is the condition of the merchandise?

Brand new with a minimum 90% Amazon giftable condition unless otherwise stated.

Are your pallets manifested?

Yes, our pallets come with fully detailed manifests which contains helpful information like product images, product descriptions, condition, sales rank, review rank, pricing, discounts and more.

Where does your inventory come from?

Our merchandise comes directly from Amazon's Lost & Found.

Can you provide a chain of custody for your merchandise?

Yes, we are one of the few companies in the liquidation business that can provide a chain of custody in case you have issues.

Do you work with international customers?

Yes, we do work with international clients. We work with officially approved Prep and Ship companies to help you source inventory from us.

Are prices negotiable?

Yes, the price on every lot, branded lot and premium lot can be negotiated.

Is there a credit card limit on purchases?

Yes, the Starter subscription plan allows credit card payments of up to $2500 per 30 days, while the Lots Newbie and Lots Master plans allow credit card payments of up to $10,000 per 30 days.

What are branded lots?

Branded lots are lots that contain different items from the same brand.

What are premium lots?

These lots are deliberately selected to include items of higher value - higher ranked items and a higher average seller price.

What is Lot of the Day?

This is a specially-selected lot that sells for a very low price and has a very high MSRP value. Additionally, it has a flat shipping rate of $8.88. It is available once a day at 12:00 EST.

Is my information safe?

Yes, all submitted data is confidential and safe with us.
We use SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe during the entire process of doing business with us.

How much time can I keep a LOT or Individual item in my cart?

Once you add a LOT or Individual Item in your shopping cart it will be kept for you for particular time period. If you do not finish your order and check out during that time, that LOT or Individual item will be available for all customers. Below you can see the different times for the different products:

For LOTS - 24 Hours.
For Fixed Price Lots - 1 Hour.
For Individual Items - 6 Hours.
For Refurbished Products - 6 Hours.

If you have any additional questions send an email to